Enter Artfair


Fair opening
25.08.2022 12:00PM - 12:00AM (By invitation only)
Tunnelfabrikken, Nordhavn, Copenhagen
Clay Ketter, Henrik Eiben
Bartha Contemporary is delighted to announce our participation at Enter Artfair in Copenhagen. The presentation will feature new works by Henrik Eiben and Clay Ketter.

The presentation was conceived in close collaboration with the artists. Indeed, the booth will offer an insight into these two artists current practices and evolve from a dialogue between colleagues who have been close friends for many years but have previously never exhibited together.

The starting point for this dialogue is Clay Ketter’s latest ‘Conspiracy Series’, a new body of works exploring the absurd quality of elaborate diagrams often employed by conspiracy theorists. Exposing their purported rational construct as simple inconsequential nonsense that serves a purely subversive intent. Other works in the series reveal the singular viewpoint of largely theoretical constructs such as Alfred Barr’s Map of Modern Art that are taking the shape of notably similar diagrams.

Henrik Eiben will respond to Clay Ketter’s monochromatic and diagrammatic works with a series of new polychromatic compositions that rely on a wide range of materials, often questioning the inherently perceived values attributed to them. Here the two artist’s works meet as their shared interest in perception and value structures continues to inform their distinct practices.

We are excited to bring this timely and concise presentation to Copenhagen.