The Sleeper

Stefana McClure & Susan Morris

Private View
28.01. 4:04 p.m. -4:04 p.m.
Georgian House, London
Stefana McClure, Susan Morris
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An installation of works by Stefana McClure and Susan Morris exploring the themes of Sleep, automatic drawing and language.

On Thursday February 13th, Susan Morris will be in conversation with Peter Garrard, Professor of Neurology at St George's, University of London, about how ideas around the neuroscience of language can be of interest to an artist. The discussion will focus on current techniques of measurement and data modelling that are important to understanding the neurobiology of the brain. Garrard’s work on language change in Alzheimer’s disease, which Morris first came across in 2005, led directly to the development of her ongoing series of Concordances or 'verb lists’ - each derived from every word printed in a mainstream daily newspaper on a certain day of the year. Examples of this work will be on display in the gallery.

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